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If you have gone through my website and you are a sensible man, you can approach me through two modes of communication i.e. phone and email. If you want to call me, you can call me at 123123123. I will not be talking to you directly as it is not the policy of independent Chennai escorts. You will be talking to my manager. Or, you can drop me an email for my companionship.

Be sensible

Independent Chennai Escorts

Obscene content sent through mail is strictly banned by the servers. So be sensible while mailing me. I like those men who respect women. If I get any explicit content in your mail, I will not reply you and your email id will be permanently blocked. If you are going to write me an email, write everything you want from me. Don’t forget to mention date. Please approach few days before so that I can assure you whether I can come or not. The early you approach me the more chances you have for my companionship.

Minor are not allowed

If you are below the age of 18, I will offer my services. Minors are strictly prohibited. I crosscheck if you are a genuine person or not to ensure my personal security aspects.

Feel contented with me
I don’t know about other independent escorts in Chennai; if you are going to approach me you need to be a gentleman. Those who are feeling low and going through a tough phase of life, I can become a great partner to release your stress and depression. I would love to cure your depression. Feel rejuvenated in my company and utilize me fully. You will feel rejuvenated and contented in my company. Feel free to contact me. I will surely reply to your mail.